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Q: I want to record a voicereel, but I'm worried that I have no experience
A: That's ok, mostly no-one ever does - that's why they need a first voicereel! We'll take you through everything, step by step.
Q: How much do you charge for...
A: All the prices can be found here
Q: Can you record me this week?
A: Sadly, probably not, as we usually have a waiting list. But if you want to go on the list, we can contact you should a cancellation come up
Q: Do you do discounts for students?
A: Yes, contact us for details
Q: What research can I do for my voicereel
A: Go to agents sites and listen to voices just like yours - see what they're doing that makes them easy to market
Q: Does my video showreel need a montage with music at the start?
A: Not these days - casting directors hate them.
Q: Do you provide scripts?
A: We can, but the best reels stem from the client finding some of their own, with our guidance
Q: What is the turnaround for my voicereel/showreel/MT demo?
A: Never more than 10 days after recording, usually less
Q: For singing sessions, can you provide a pianist?
A: Often, yes, subject to their availabilty. They will charge their own fee
Q: Can I see a video of someone in the studio?
A: Yes! Here

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