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Martin is Music Producer for the label MaKING Records, and first produced Julie Atherton's solo album 'A Girl Of Few Words', (with the music of Charles Miller), followed by Gemma Atkins album 'Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow', the Nick Wyschna album 'Lost in The Wilderness', the Original Cast album for Charles Millers 'When Midnight Strikes', and most recently Marc Joseph's album 'Clear Blue Sky'.

MaKiNG stands for MArtin KevIN and Guy, the names of the directors of the company: Martin Fisher , Kevin Oliver Jones  & Guy James . All three have been involved in Musical Theatre for many years and decided they were tired of hearing the same old songs recorded (there is only so many times you can listen to Memory - no matter how good the singer is!?) and so Making Records set out to record modern musical theatre artistes and select material from brilliant new shows and songwriters.

"This classy collection puts Atherton up there with the best"   Roger Foss, What's On Stage magazine

"...The album is a real gem, a little treat for the ears and for the soul."  Chris Cox, BBC Radio 1

Marc Joseph Julie Atherton When Midnight Strikes Gemma Atkins Kids Songs
Marc Joseph
Clear Blue Sky
Julie Atherton
A Girl Of Few Words

Original London Cast
When Midnight Strikes

Gemma Atkins
Yesterday, Today,

Bilingual By Music
Kids Songs