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Singing/Musical Theatre Demos

When singing in a studio, time constraints and clock watching tend to hinder the creative process. Therefore the atmosphere at SonicPond is as relaxed and informal as possible, with the emphasis on achieving the best possible work through an enjoyable and fulfilling process.


Being a musician, actor and singer myself, I understand the needs of the performer only too well, and as producer it is my job to guide people to the best possible performance they can give, and provide them with a highly polished demo that they, and I, will be proud of. All our demos are produced to the same standard as our commercial releases on the MaKiNG Records label.

the standard package

The standard 'Musical Theatre' package is made up of 4 songs, recorded over a relaxed 4 hour session. This gives us time to talk about song interpretation, phrasing, and fine tune arrangements in any way we see fit. And if we need to do drop ins or multiple takes, we have plenty of space for that too. If you would like to record extra songs, we can arrange that as an extra based on the current standard package price.


When it comes to what backing tracks to use, you have a choice. You can either bring your own pianist to accompany you on our Yamaha Digital Piano, use one our associated pianists for an extra fee (if they're available - they are experienced MD's that can often be working on shows. Typically it's £40 - £50 for an hours laying of tracks), or use pre recorded backing tracks from one of the many sites that sell such music. We can help you find these tracks, as quality can be variable.

We record all our vocals with the legendary Neumann U87 microphone, or Neumann M147 Tube

The final product will be mastered to CD, with a label that includes your headshot, track listing and contact details, as well as converted to high quality MP3s for your website/Spotlight profile/CCP etc.

Listen to examples of our MT demos here | Watch Helena Blackman sing 'Halo' in the booth here

Current Pricing is here