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Martin Fisher Studio Producer
Martin Fisher's love of recording began with a tiny Fostex X-15 four-track and an SM-58 purchased when he was 17. This was used to record band demos, backing tracks for local shows, and eventually the sound design for several plays at University and at the Edinburgh Festival.  When asked to devise his own drama degree assignment for his finals, he chose to compose and home record a film soundtrack and dub it to picture, and from there the path was set.

The current digital audio version of that X-15 has been taking over Martin's life since 1997. In that time, Martin has produced over 250 songs for singer/songwriters, over 1400 voice over demos for Voice Artists, dozens of backing tracks for vocalists, and produced 20 or so commercially available albums.

Martin has designed the sound for a great many theatre productions such as When Midnight Strikes (Finborough), Arturo Ui (Bridewell), Four by 4 (Soho theatre), Into The Hoods (Peacock, Edinburgh), and also composed the music for 'Men', which ran at the Theatre Museum and Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh, and 'The Timekeepers' (Old Red Lion).

Martin works closely with many top Voice Agents as part of running SonicPond, and occasionally lends his voice to various podcasts and seminars on VO and reel production. He is also a proud dad, husband, and occasionally acts a bit.
Martin in the studio

Recording is done digitally on PC using Cubase 11 and a Steinberg MR816 CSX recording system. This allows for pristeen, hiss free audio quality and ultimate editablility. A UA LA-610 preamp and Neumann M147, Neumann U87 and Aston Spirit mics ensure excellent vocal quality.